About Us

SARC is a 501(c)3 land trust organization comprised of local citizens who are motivated to save farmland in Shelby County. 

We believe that our local agricultural lands provide: 

  • the base for our local agriculture economy,

  • a source for local food,

  • healthy water and clean air, 

  • wildlife habitats and, 

  • the scenic views that tourists and residents enjoy in our area.

Mission & Vision

SARC's mission is to use conservation easements to save farmland for future generations of Shelby County farmers, residents, and visitors. 


Board of Directors

Jim Ellis, President

Jim has been a Shelby County farmer for over 50 years and would like to see farming continue in Shelby County. Plain and simple, farming has to have farmland to farm. Farming is too important to Shelby County’s quality of life and economy to just let it slip away.

Paetra Hennigar, Secretary

Paetra is a recent transplant to Kentucky as of summer 2019 with over 20 years of experience in the Equine Industry. Her love of horses has led her to a position here in Shelby County where she has fallen in love with the area because of the strong presence of equestrian facilities and farmland. She has a passion for animals, gardening, hiking, and anything else the rural setting has to offer. This is why preserving farmland in Shelby County is important to her, as her dream of owning a small farm to raise a family amongst animals and farmland would not be possible if farmland ceases to exist here.

Lance Minnis, Vice President

Lance is an investment and nonprofit professional. His interest in sustainable rural development is longstanding, as is his love of the agricultural landscape. Lance joined SARC to use his passion in keeping Shelby County a vibrant rural and agricultural community.

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